Product Description :

We are a trusted importer and supplier of a wide range of Chemical Anchoring Capsules, which is a specialized Epoxy Acrylate based resin supplied in capsules. These capsules are widely used along with Candorr chemical anchor bolt, galvanize or SS. As per the specific requirements of clients, we can make these chemical anchoring capsules available in varied specifications. Chemical Anchoring Capsules is a specialized Epoxy Acrylate based resin supplied in Capsules used along with CANDORR CHEMICAL ANCHOR BOLT, galvanize or SS.


• Anchoring installation for new construction where steel bar or bolts are not pre-embedded.

• Bonding concrete to concrete.

• Re-construction of old building and column expanding.

• Excellent bonding with concrete and steel bar.

• No pressing against concrete, pull strength higher than embedded steel.

• Suitable for column, floor, concrete walls and others.

Features and benefits:

• High pull strength.

• Good for all types of substrate such as concrete, rock, ALC.

• Broad temperature for processing, from 0 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius.

• Rebarring in all city & State Wise.

• Anchor Fixing in all city & State wise.