Product Description :

Candorr Bullet Anchor Fasteners also known as Drop-in anchor fasteners are female concrete anchors especially designed for anchoring into concrete. Drop the Anchor into the pre-drilled hole in the concrete, thereafter using a setting tool expand the anchor within the hole in the concrete. These anchors are internally threaded, allowing the mounting hardware to be removed easily while leaving the anchor in place. Its great tensile strength makes it unusually resistant to vibration loads. These are used in various applications for constructions, infrastructures, allied industries and are best suited for light to heavy duty fastening purposes

Available Grades: – Mild Steel in G.I and Stainless Steel 304


  • Candorr Drop-in anchor fasteners have an external knurling to give better grip to the surface
  • It comes with internal tapering, enabling the anchor to expand and to self lock the suspension rod into position
  • It comes in various standard sizes to suit different users & applications 
  • Assure full expansion for dependable & superior holding power. It is resistant to vibration loads
  • Mild Steel fasteners are galvanized to mi.5 microns
  • The Bullet type anchor shell with internal thread is apt for any pre-positioning installation works

Applications :

  • When the bullet is placed in shell & hit with a setting tool it slides forward & the internal part of the shell expands and takes the grip in the wall
  • These are used for overhead hangers with threaded rod, handrails, shelving, light fixtures, machinery and other uses
  • Highly used for fixing stands of Core-cutting machines to the concrete to enable proper cutting of round holes into concrete 
  • It is preferred for HVAC, Fire Fighting, Plumbing and many other industries. They are best suited for light to heavy duty fastening purposes 
  • Suitable for solid brick, concrete, hollow core concrete chambers and timber. Good for substrates such as concrete, solid brick etc

Installation Guide:

  • Drill a hole in the base material with a hammer drill and a correctly sized carbide drill bit for the diameter Drop-in anchor you are using. Drill an appropriate size hole into the base material.
  • Clean out the hole of all debris.
  • Drop the anchor into the hole, slotted knurling end first
  • Insert the Setting tool into the Drop-in anchor and strike it with a hammer to expand the anchor. Once expanded, remove Setting tool.
  • Insert the bolt through the object you need to affix and insert them into the Drop-In anchor. Using a wrench, turn clockwise until firmly set