Product Description :

Candorr Chemical Anchoring Capsule is a specialized epoxy acrylate based resin supplied in glass capsules. They provide an excellent adhesion for steel to concrete. This is designed for bonding Chemical Anchor Bolts and Threaded rods into drilled holes in the concrete base and solid masonry materials. It provides rapid cure with adequate working time in different temperatures. It is highly preferred in construction, infrastructure and various industrial applications.


  • Easy Installation & quick use
  • Suitable for dry working conditions
  • Broad temperature for processing, from 0 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius
  • Good pull strength
  • Good for all types of substrate such as concrete, rock, ALC
  • Available in various Standard Sizes
  • Almost zero wastage of Chemical
  • Designed for use with chemical anchor bolts and threaded rods
  • Quick setting and curing time 
  • Excellent bonding with concrete and steel bar


  • Anchoring installation for new construction where steel bar or bolts are not pre-embedded
  • Fixing machines, handrails, solar panels, beams, steel constructions, especially suitable for threaded anchor rods
  • Used for medium to heavy load applications
  • Re-construction of old buildings and column expanding etc
  • No pressing against concrete, pull strength higher than embedded steel
  • Suitable for column, floor, ceilings, concrete walls and others
  • These chemical capsules with Anchor Bolts provide excellent bonding with concrete

Capsule Installation Guide:

  • Drill hole on substrate to the depth required
  • Essentially clean holes with brush or blower & blow out all the dust completely
  • Insert anchoring chemical glass capsule as per the size required
  • Insert chemical anchor bolt/ threaded rod in rotary action with the help of hammer drill
  • Curing & aging for the specified time
  • When cured, tighten nut of the anchor applying the necessary tightening torque