Product Description :

Candorr Mechanical Anchor Fasteners (M.A.F) is also known as wedge anchors, thru bolts or heavy duty concrete anchors. These anchor fasteners that we produce are of high grades & high quality. These bolts find huge demand in varied industries across the globe and it is suitable to be used in concrete for medium to heavy loads. These Anchors have to be inserted into a pre-drilled hole and then expanded, causing them to wedge securely in the concrete. The one-piece clip is formed around anchor, assuring full expansion for dependable & superior holding power. Corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy & good service life are some of the key factors that make these products highly in demand. 

Available Grades: – Carbon Steel 6.8/ 8.8 in G.I and Stainless Steel 304/ 316


  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Assure full expansion for dependable & superior holding power
  • Good Pull Strength
  • Good for substrates such as concrete, hard rock etc
  • Used for a wide range of fastening applications
  • Available in different Diameters, Lengths & sizes 
  • Anchor Bolt: IS 1367, CS 6.8/ 8.8 grade, are galvanized to mi.5 microns
  • Different Customized sizes available on demand
  • Reliable, Cost effective and time saving replacement for conventional J-Bolt


  • Torque controlled mechanical expansion allows immediate load
  • Raised impact section to avoid damage due to hammering during installation
  • It is ideal where external effects to be considered, such as wind (solar) or vibrations (machine operations) which can overcome through Mechanical Anchor, which will retain the fixing.
  • Suitable for column, floor, concrete walls, etc. It is ideal for medium to heavy loads requirements for constructions, infrastructures & allied industries
  • Ideal for pipe suspension, foundation work, aluminum glazing systems and window support system

Installation Guide:

  • Drill hole on substrate to the depth required 
  • Essentially clean holes with brush or blower & blow out all the dust completely 
  • Insert anchor fastener into the hole, with the help of a hammer. Ensure that the impact is given on the Nut which is to be flushed with the fastener. Hammer it until it reaches the drilled depth. 
  • Move the Nut with clockwise rotary action
  • Tighten nut with applying the necessary tightening torque until the Nut cannot turn any further and it reaches its maximum possible strength.