Product Description :

Candorr Nylon Frame Fixing Anchors (N.F.F.A) is made from virgin nylon to withstand high impact loads; these are durable and well designed for holding items firmly on the wall. Its great tensile strength makes it unusually resistant to vibration loads. The head of our screws are either countersunk head or hex head. This screw is made of high strength steel and heavily zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance & the plug is made of the brown or grey nylon. These are suitable for fixings on concrete, bricks and other high-density material. This anchor in its unique design allows the nail to expand the anchor uniformly in the hole. Candorr Nylon fasteners are resistant to chemicals, fungus, moisture and other atmospheric conditions and have excellent electrical and thermal insulating properties.

Available Grades: – Mild Steel in G.I and Stainless Steel 304


  • Candorr NFFA are made up of Virgin Nylon/ Polyamide
  • These anchors have an unique design and it provides high tensile strength
  • It allows the screw to expand the anchor uniformly in the hole
  • It is resistant to vibration loads
  • They are also resistant to chemicals, fungus, moisture and other atmospheric conditions
  • It is known for electrical and thermal insulating properties
  • Designed for holding items firmly on the wall
  • These Anchors are available in countersunk Screw head and Hex head type. Countersunk screw allow a flush finish
  • These products are available in various standard sizes


  • It is to be used for Window frame, Door frame, Facade Installation, wall cabinets & Sanitary Fixation etc
  • Sleeve Profile design allows fixation with less expansion stress on substrate with static as well as dynamic load
  • Can be used for Concrete, AAC, Solid Clay Brick substrate
  • Quick and easy fixing of timber or metal door and window frames to concrete, stone, brick-work or block-work
  • Anti rotation barbs prevent the anchor from rotating in the hole. Hence these anchors are preferred for through fixing in interior construction work

NFFA Installation Guide:

  • Drill hole on the substrates (wood/metal with concrete/solid surface) to the depth required 
  • Essentially clean holes with brush or blower & blow out all the dust completely
  • Insert nylon sleeve into the hole first, ensure that the sleeve conveniently inserts into the surface
  • Insert the screw nail and tap with the hammer and use rotary hammer to expand the anchor for secure fixing
  • Screw or hammer home the drive screw until the head is flush with the collar of the anchor. The drive screw can easily be removed with a screwdriver