Product Description :

Candorr Self Drilling Screw have a hardened drill point that will drill and thread in structural steel, mild steel and wood constructions. These Drill points are designed in a manner much the same as a high speed drill bit. They have high hardness, pullout strength, shear strength and lead threads for perfect fastening on desired surface. When using a self-drilling screw, it is necessary to drill a hole in advance. Self- drilling screws are available in a variety of finishes with unique product features to suit a wide range of environmental conditions. They are made of stainless steel or carbon steel. Candorr Self Drilling Screws available in Hex Head with EPDM washer are used in insulation work, aluminium fabrication, roofing work, furniture work etc

Available Grades: – Carbon Steel 4.8 in G.I and Stainless Steel 410


  • Quick and easy to install, time saving, minimizes labor
  • It is similar to Self-Tapping Screw with the added feature of a drill point
  • Corrosion resistance, excellent in different atmosphere, weathering and other kinds of corrosive factors including salt water
  • They are resistant to acid and alkaline attack
  •  It can typically be identified by its point and flute (notch) tip
  • High-hardness points and lead threads for drilling and tapping
  • It provides precise dimension with longer service life
  • It comes in various standard sizes
  • Torque controlled mechanical expansion allows immediate load
  • It is available in Hex head with EPDM washer which provides optimum quality standards


  • Self drilling screws have a point that acts as a drill bit and sharp cutting threads that tap the hole during installation. Drill a hole in advance and form the mating threads in one operation
  • Used in various insulation works, aluminum fabrications, roofing works, furniture fixtures, solar Panels etc
  • These screws are commonly used screw for quick drilling into both steel frame constructions and wood structures
  • For the fastening process in aluminium, they are used for special industrial applications, construction and manufacturing of windows

Installation Guide:

  • Take an electric or cordless drill driver with the proper drive adapter installed
  • Protect your eyes by putting on your safety glasses
  • Inspect the hex end of the adapter for cleanliness. If metal shavings are built up inside the tip, get it cleaned
  • Choose the proper size of self-drilling screw. Place a self-drilling screw into the hex head adapter
  • Depress the trigger of the drill slowly, while the drilling tip of the screw rests against the metal. Increase the speed of the drill when the screw finds its center
  • Drill the self-drilling screw until the head is flush with the surface of the material
  • Perform Step 3 before you install another self-drilling screw. Continue to drill the screws to the material until the work is finished