Product Description :

Candorr STO51 Caulking Gun is our premium quality range of Hand Tool, made of hardened steel shaft. It is also known as Grouting Gun or Re-barring Gun. It is a device designed for hand-held operation by one individual. It is suitable for dispensing rebaring chemical Candorr SR500 Chemical Anchoring Cartridges. The rod in the tool retracts after each pull of the trigger to help prevent unnecessary dripping of the chemical. This is to be used by a manual professional applicator when covering large areas of mortar for grouting, rebaring or chemical anchoring.


  • This caulking gun comes with a rust proof metal body which is powder coated
  • It is highly durable & very sturdy in use
  • Provide a mechanical advantage in accomplishing a physical task
  • It has high material strength, attractive looks and it’s easy to handle
  • It’s a mechanical device designed for hand-held operation by one individual
  • It comes with a smooth pressure rod which requires less force and it makes virtual no noise


  • Caulking guns hold the chemical cartridge
  • Allow pressure to be controlled by the user through a trigger-like handle
  • Designed for consistent performance with virtual no slip at all

Cartridge Installation Guide:

  • Open top of cartridges
  • Remove red stopper from the cartridge top and attach the mixing nozzle, please screw down tight
  • Pull the injector out from the Caulking gun Candorr STO51, at maximum range
  • Install the cartridge on gun properly
  • Dispense 2-3 trigger pulls of adhesive to waste until color is reddish orange, with no streaks