Product Description :

Candorr Diamond Core Bits are also known as concrete core bits or drill bits. These core bits that we produce are of high grades & high quality. These bits find huge demand in varied industries across the globe and it is suitable to be used in concrete for coring & drilling works. These Bits have to be inserted into our Core-Cutting Machine to enable it to core into the concrete. The one-piece heavy metal bit is made for dependable & superior holding power. Corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy & good service life are some of the key factors that make these products highly in demand. It is highly preferred in various construction, infrastructure and industrial applications

Available Sizes: 1” to 14” with standard lengths. We also produce any odd diameter core-bit with any lengths on demand


  • Candorr Diamond core drill bits for used with coring machines to drill in all types of concrete and masonry
  • They are made of precise design and it has smooth finish
  • These core drill bits are known for its fast drilling and longer service lives
  • They are designed to provide best cutting speed in stone & also in heavily reinforced concrete
  • We provide Core-bit extensions on requirements to drill beyond the length of the core bit. These extensions help you take the drilling length a further 400mm & beyond the standard length of the core bits
  • We manufacture various odd diameters of core-bits with various odd lengths too


  • Our Diamond core-bits find huge demand in Constructions & Infrastructures industries mainly used for Plumbing Fire-fighting & HVAC works
  • A diamond core drill bit produces a lot of heat and friction during the drilling process. And, to ensure the cooling of diamond segments, water is used for the duration of the drilling activity
  • These core bits are ideal to drill holes in Concrete walls (vertical or horizontal) including reinforced. Thus it can make hundreds of holes using water as lubricant and coolant
  • Our segments are made of high grade diamond and thus are very fast and sharp and cuts smoothly. These Premium sieved diamond segments are used with brass/ silver as a binder used on a suitable steel bit for precision and long life. These pointed diamond segment end avoids chipping on the surface
  • Candorr Core Bits gives excellent speed, smooth working and stability during drilling

Installation Guide:

  • Connect the Core Bits to our Candorr Core-Cutting Machine (Model: CI-205 or CI-255); the size and peripheral speed of diamond core drill bit should be selected according to the drilled material quality and the hole diameter. The motor spindle gearboxes are equipped with a standard 1 ¼” UNC thread. The cores with other type of thread require use of adapters. The motor spindles are equipped with antilock collar for easier removal of the core bits. Before mounting the core bit, tighten the screw of antilock coupling and grease the spindle, to facilitate removal of the core bit. The core bit has a right-hand thread, use an open-end wrench to hold the spindle in place. For removing the core bit, use open-end wrenches. To thread off the core bit, loosen the screw of the antilock collar, then the core bit will be much easier to remove
  • A proper water supply is required during the drilling, since the water cools the drill motor and the core bit, and flushes the slurry created during the cutting process off the cutting area. Connect the water supply hose with a valve to the hose connector on the core-drilling machine