Candorr International founded in 2006: We are recognized Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Anchoring Specialties in the Global Market. We offer products and services, consumers can trust to use.

Our Services

We offer Pull-Out Tests at site wherever required across the Globe; with our Pull-Out Machine.We are recommended by many National & International accolades like CBRI, DNV, SGS, VJTI, Testech Setsco Services etc; for our range of products. We offer services like RCC Drilling, Rebar Chemical Grouting, Concrete Core Cutting, Concrete Crushing & Breaking, Concrete Slab Cutting, Rock Anchoring, Professional Anchoring Of Bolts & Anchor Fasteners through our selected Authorized Applicators and Agencies across INDIA.


1, 44, 457 +

Number of chemical cartridges supplied
(both SR500 and 2150SR).

7, 557+

Number of happy and satisfied Customers served.

126, 75, 007+

No. of Steel Anchors
Supplied in various
Types & Grades

1, 008+

Number of pullout test
carried out so far.

Our Advantages

Customized Products
Fast Delivery
Quality products
Free Consultations
Affordable & Cost effective
24×7 Customer service
Guarantee satisfaction